EchoHouse CEO joins the 30 top achievers of 2016

Beryl Agyekum, EchoHouse CEO

Beryl Agyekum, EchoHouse CEO

EchoHouse CEO, Beryl Agyekum has been voted one of the 30 most outstanding Ghanaians in 2016.

The civil engineer turned marketer started Echo as a magazine during her days in school to catalogue students’ events and stories. This has grown into a multi-faceted outfit that accommodates all forms of marketing.

The list that was released by the New Accra Magazine is made up of individuals who have in various ways done things to change society, undertaken a quest that has inspired a countless others to begin their own journeys and also helped in the development of the country.

2016 edition of the list includes individuals from the field of technology and media, creative arts, society and education, food and health as well as business and leadership. EchoHouse made it into the Technology and Media category which speaks to the core function of the business that started 7 years ago as a magazine and gradually grown into a 360 creative marketing agency.

The inclusion of Beryl Agyekum comes just a week after EchoHouse won the award for the Startup of the Year at this year’s Ghana Startup Awards. With a committed team of 50 from varied backgrounds, they have been able to maintain a consistent stream of creativity and innovation that has created room for multinational corporations like Vodafone, GGBL,, Access Bank among others fall in love with their work.

In their 7th year, this is a big feat with over 500 team members. Positioned as a 360 creative marketing agency, EchoHouse has been able to build a culture of innovation, creativity and originality that has seen them grow from media to experiential marketing to digital marketing to production and to sales.

Source: Karl Yusif|