” I Am Hungry For Success ” Berla Mundi’s Message For The New Year

imageBerla mundi started with Miss Malaika and even though she didnt win, she is probably the most popular among her fellow contestants. Affable TV and Radio has risen to a higher pedestal in the entertainment industry within a relatively short time.

“Hello, my name is Berla Mundi… I love TV… But everyone who knows me knows how stubborn I am when it comes to getting what I want… I never rest till I get it…. I always want more in life. I don’t just settle. I am hungry for success…. But most importantly, I have never forgotten how far God has brought me and my family…. It might shock you to know we started from nothing. But Glory to God, that is history. I know what it feels like to not have the fine things in life, and my vow to myself is to make sure a lot of people don’t experience what I experienced…. So there goes my first major charity project…. Half of the people I spoke to doubted my capability. Others thought I wasn’t there yet and so didn’t have to set up a foundation, all I said was ‘if they tell you you can’t l, don’t just tell them you can, show them’….. Well this is nothing, but I believe the God I serve just started with me… What’s your excuse…. Don’t settle…. MOVE …

That’s my message for you as you jump into 2016…. I love you guys”