I regret leaving the music industry, but I’m back now – Ded Buddy

imagesGhanaian R&B singer, model and actor, Eric Kwasi Okine Turkson, known in the entertainment industry as Ded Buddy or QWECi says he regrets leaving the music industry at the peak of his career.

In an interview with Hitz FM’s Showbiz Review, the actor said “To be honest with you, I regret it and I’m not going to beat myself about it”.

Ded Buddy established his presence in the hiplife industry two decades ago and shortly after the release of his album, he lost his dad and left for New York to further his education in music.

He re-launched his musical career in 2012 with a new showbiz name “QWECi.

The ‘Mipe Wo Saa’ hit maker revealed that it was difficult for him to come back to Ghana after he travelled to the states.

“When I left, coming back was a problem because the music wasn’t pulling the fans like it does now. So I was just there doing my thing, kept my head in school, learning production and songwriting, waiting for the chance to come back but it never happened”.

According to him, he believes that with what he has learnt whilst he was away, he can make it now in Ghana’s music industry.

“With my knowledge in music and what I can do as an entrepreneur, I think it’s the right time for me now, back then I had lots of mentors behind me but now am very independent in the music world”.

Ded Buddy is currently promoting Ghana’s tourism industry through music.