Kumawood Actress : Maame Serwaa killed her Mother – Prophetess Alleges

Prophetess makes some startling revelations about the death of the Kumawood star’s mum and Kumawood as a whole.

Osofo Maame Donkor, a social media prophetess has disclosed that Kumawood superstar, Clara Benson known in showbiz as Maame Serwaa, killed her mother, Mrs Rose Benson, for rituals.

According to Osofo Maame, the young actress killed the mother for sacrifice, in order to acquire wealth.

In the trending video on social media, the self-acclaimed prophetess, stated that, Maame Serwaa was mother and pretended to be shocked at the news of her death.

She claimed that, the young actress joins a secret society thus using the mother for sacrifice to get a new rank in the group. She also revealed that the occultic group includes 30 percent of Kumawood actors. (Maame Serwaa and mum)

“You just finish Senior High School and you said, you want to be called madam, so you killed your mum, how disgusting to hear that from you, Maame Serwaa.

The demise of Maame Serwaa’s mother occured on Thursday morning, December 7, 2017 in Kumasi. She is the only female among the other two siblings

Source : pulse.com.gh