Meet Israel ‘Kanzo’ Laryea!

3839388456764_679612783921Joy News TV lead anchor, Israel Laryea was the guest on the ‘Weekend Warmer’ on Joy FM with DJ Black Friday night revealed a rare side of the usually calm personality that he is noted for.

It is Israel’s first real interview where he had to shelve his ‘handsome-guy-in-impeccable-suit’ image and put on ‘yoyo’ groove!

Apparently Israel’s nickname growing up as a very determined young man is one that deserves a place in the Nicknames Hall of Fame!

The CNN Journalist award winner, because of his love for ‘Kanzo’ earned the nickname name Kanzo.

According to him, he neatly packed some ‘Kanzo’ – the slightly burnt part of cooked rice or Waakye – in his dress and he was caught!

A summary version of the story is that a very innocent-looking Israel Laryea went to his headmaster’s wife to get some badly needed ‘Kanzo’.

After obtaining his delicacy and neatly packing it in his sweater, in an attempt to conceal it from his friends, he made his way to the classroom where he was enjoying his Kanzo. Unfortunately for him, the very friends he was hiding the Kanzo from caught  gorging himself on the ‘Kanzo’ in class!

The gentleman instantly earned the nickname – ‘Kanzo’!