Merqury Quaye requested money to guve us an award – Mr logic

87cc76583ebd96fe1be0e104acdb641c3ca40564Mr. Logic a dancehall promoter and head of management  of popular  musician  Vybrant Faya has said that organizer of Ghana DJ awards requested money for an award. Mr. Logic explained that during  the Ghana DJ awards they were approached by the organizer of the event Merqury Quaye asked his management  to pay 15,000 cedis so the award will be given to the artiste Vybrant Faya for me is done “mampi”. The category was the most popular DJ song of the Year  which was given to Joyce Blessing.

Mr. Logic further  went on to say that  it was quite obvious  that they deserved the award but their refusal to pay the money was the reason they didn’t  get the award. Mr Logic said he has evidence of tape recording  where merqury asked them to pay for the event lighting  which was 15,000. He further  went on to question the cedibility oF award schemes in Ghana because of some of these irregularities. Merqury Quaye the organizer  of the award  scheme refused to speak to the issue and all efforts to get in touch with him has failed.


Monica Otumfuor

Culled from AM Pluzz