Moesha Bodoung is my future ex-wife – Khemikal


Khemikal and Moesha Bodoung

Ghanaian Stand-up comedian Khemikal has disclosed he’s into Moesha. he stated, “I am single because of Moesha, and she’s my future ex-wife.” He disclosed in an interview “There’s no harm in trying. I will keep hunting her till I catch her.”

In his closing remarks, he shared a letter on social media to affirm his deep love for her.

See below:

A letter to my future ex-wife Moesha Dear Moesha, The blissfulness of this Mahamic economy has ignited my fingertips, heart and mind to type to you this letter. I hope you are doing great by all means? Moesha please oh, I have been following you for some time and truth be told I have a serious crush on you and at the moment the crush has graduated to an accident beyond repairs. I am currently taking counseling from Counsellor Luthrodt on what to do. I am madly in love with you but the fact is I don’t think I can afford you. Judging from all what you have said concerning your lifestyle and your choice of man has pinned me lights years away from your heart. In one interview I watched, you said your rent costs 800 Ghana cedis and this is for a two bedroom house at east legon. With the mention of 800 Ghana cedis I thought you lived in paradise. Damn! Moesha, I beg oh! I want things to work between us and so I suggest we link up soon so I show you a place at Danfa or Oyarifa which will charge 400 cedis for the same two bed room apartment. Getting a car at the bus stop to Accra is easily assessable too. What do you think? Moesha this can work between us if you heed to my suggestions. I want you to start depositing money into my account. I currently have 5 cedis there and even that one they say I can’t remove it. When you deposit every now and then, I will be able to save and invest it and when it yields I can come back for you so we start a life. It’s going to be hard for me but because until we come together your current man will “Biegya” saaaaaaah and by the time It’s my turn I can’t “Biegya” because the Gas is finised. Honey, I always see your pictures on social media and I must say your curves remind me of the Aburi road and the fact that I loved pre-technical skills back at Junior Secondary School. The curves are on point. Moesha I don’t even know what to type at the moment and for that matter I would love you to know that, no matter what haters will do, you’re still on my heart like stew. You will forever remain my future ex-wife. Your love, Daniel Selase (Comedian Khemikal)

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