The Rangers – Chris Attoh

Chris has been working in the US in the past few months- shooting ‘The Rangers’ among other things. Chris describes working The Rangers as a great learning experience that left him inspired and ready and even hinted of going back to the States for a zombie flick!

“The movie was shot in the mountains of Virginia, where I worked with director Ron Newcomb and a variety of brilliant actors. Ron is an amazing director. I play Garrin the ranger and it was a learning experience. I’m going back in May to film another international flick next year. It is called Zombie Ted, directed by Anne Welles.”

Chris is surely putting Ghana on the map on the movie scene! Well, Chris is back home and already he finds himself familiar territory, taking over from Benny Blanco as host of Vodafone Icons. Chris who is no stranger to hosting reality TV shows and competitions says it’s got to be back and fans should expect the best on Vodafone Icons this season.

“It feels great to be hosting this season. It has been a while I did anything big at home so it’s a good comeback. This show has held its ground since it begun. There are a number of talent shows out there all seeking to unearth raw Ghanaian talent, but Vodafone Icons does more – Vodafone Icons inspires, teaches and transforms its contestants completely and positively, preparing them for the world stage. This year, I personally have big shoes to fill taking over from my colleague Benny Blanco and I’m excited and elated to be a part of a well-oiled engine. Frankly, I’ve missed home and my Ghanaian audience and it’s going to be a very entertaining season, don’t forget to watch and don’t forget to vote. This year, brace your selves because everything is remixed. See you on stage!”

Chris also shared more on what to expect from him: “Wow it’s been so busy. I’ve had to turn down some major jobs, but I’m excited because of all the ones I’m working on now. Well in the world of television, aside Icons, we are almost ready with new concepts to hit your screen by December from my production company aFactory Ent. Ltd. We have at least four new exciting shows. You can also see me in ‘Single, Married & Complicated’ incase you haven’t seen it yet! Then in December, audiences should brace themselves for Ghana’s first best action flick, ‘Inception’ starring myself, John Dumelo, Adjetey Annan, Jasmine Baroudi and Benny Blanco and directed by Pascal Aka.”


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