White ladies want me|Wisa Greid

Wisa Greid

Wisa Greid

Hip life artiste, Eugene Ashe, popularly called Wisa Greid claims his rise in the music industry has led to a number of white ladies asking him out.

In an exclusive interview with livefmghana.com, he told us most of the ladies flood his Facebook inbox with all sought of proposals.

“Women are chasing me, white ladies especially, they keep sending me messages with all kinds of promises but the thing is, I am out of the market. I am happily married,” he said.

“I just find a nice way to tell them that apart from artiste-fan relationship, there can’t be anything else. These are your fans, without them, I would not be here so I cannot be rude.”

The fans proposals doesn’t stop him from loving his wife though: “I love my wife and married her because of that, I actually got married early so that I can focus on my music career and nothing can change that.”

Greid has been in the news this week for publicly declaring his support for the opposition party, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and for the release of a song that angered most industry players and fans.

He is married to Mariah, an American of Jamaican decent.