The world is moving in a fast pace. “Faster than our age” a friend once said. In my search for gossip I came across an interview Kwasi Siaw Akrofi popularly known as Ex Doe “Daavi Medekuku” legend, who recently released a comeback single titled “Money” featuring Stonebwoy.
During the interview he was challenged to respond to why he chose Stonebwoy in his latest single. Here is his response “Yeah everything we do in the world is money, a lot of people do bad things to get money, people do good things stuff to get money, we go to church, and we pay money, everywhere you go there is money involved.
My reservation with his response is that he did not address the issue head on. It is time most of these artist cultivar the skill of speaking through the heart of their fans, as the world is watching every move in Africa and Ghana for that matter; selling has become the key to achieving many objectives. The delivery of messages must be spot on and well structured to meet the audience demand.
His response was too lousy and I entreat him to come again.


By Antwi Odrey