Michael Okon says he will not be pressured to marry

Mike Okon

Michael Okon, popularly known as Nollywood heart-throb has thrown out rumour about a secrete marriage with a model circulating in social media.

This is what Michael had to say when asked about the marriage:

“We only did a photo shoot for a Nigerian UK-based designer, Afromodel Collections posted the pictures and “Boom!” everyone thought it was another pre-wedding shoot. The story really went viral because I’ve been getting congratulatory messages till today. We had a private event meant for models and how that turned to a marriage ceremony is what I don’t know. I reiterate that I am not married. I am not going to get married just because people want me to, neither would I do it just to enter another phase of my life just like some of my colleagues have done.”

Antwi Odrey