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Angel Obinim’s Lawyer, Samuel Atta Akyea Retains His Seat


Angel Obinim’s Lawyer, Samuel Atta Akyea Retains His Seat

The Minister for Works and Housing and Member of Parliament for Akim Abuakwa South , Samuel Atta Akyea, has retained his seat after the collation of the results today.

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This becomes the 4th time he is going to to present his constituents and would be one of the longest-serving Members of Parliament in the yet to be constituted 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic.

After being announced the winner at his constituency, he thanked the EC organising a peaceful and credible election. He also urged his opponents to support him bring development to the constituency.

Results below:

Abuakua South Constituency
Presidential certified results

Total polling station – 110

Total electoral Area – 24

Total number registered of Abuakwa South – 52110

Npp = 31424……79.5%

NDC = 7853……..19.8%

GUM = 171

CPP = 18

GFP = 6

GCPP = 0

APC = 11

LPG = 14

PNC = 6

PPP= 7

NDP= 5

Asiedu Walker (Independent) = 9

Valid votes = 39,524
Rejected = 595
Total vote cast = 40,119

Parliamentary Certified results

Samuel Atta Akyea (NPP) = 29, 897…….75.6%

Alhaji Sanusi Mohammed (NDC) = 7,704……19.5%

Felix Banning Preprah (GUM) = 957…….2.4%

Kwame Marfo Enoch (Independent) = 905…..2.2%

Valid votes = 39, 499
Rejected = 511
Total cast vote = 40,010

Prior to his election as an Mp, he worked as a Lawyer in the AKUF0-ADDO PREMPEH & C0 Chamber before forming his own Legal firm, ZOE AKYEA & CO. He is one of the few lawyers in Ghana still practice in the courts even after winning parliamentary seats. has claimed the Legislature is his personal lawyer.

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