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BISSA Chief of Aworokrom and New Jersey (USA) Chireh Alhaji Ibrahim Adams Donates Medical Equipment to Kunsu Health Center and Tafo Hospital


BISSA Chief of Aworokrom and New Jersey (USA) Chireh Alhaji Ibrahim Adams Donates Medical Equipment to Kunsu Health Center and Tafo Hospital

The BISSA Chief of Aworokrom in the Ahafo Ano South West Constituency and New Jersey, USA, Chireh Alhaji Ibrahim Adams has made donations of essential medical equipment to some health facilities in the Ashanti Region.

Chireh Alhaji Ibrahim Adams exhibiting the items before handing them over to the Hosptial administration

The items Chireh Alhaji presented include

  1. 3 pressure machines
  2. 11 sugar (diabetes) machines
  3. 200 alcohol part boxes
  4. 660 sugar jabs (shots) 22 boxes
  5. 2 thermometer guns
  6. 20 inhaler machines
  7. 5 fingers
  8. 4 breathing machines
  9. 2 tubes
  10. 700 sugar pats (14 boxes)
  11. 300 insulin jabs

Chireh Alhaji Ibrahim Adams first made the donations to the Tafo Government Hospital in Kumasi. They used the items donated to conduct health screening for some of the hospital workers as well as some of the facility visitors.

Alhaji disclosed that together with Mr. Hosam, CEO of Bloomfield Pharmacy in New Jersey,  United States of America, they have been doing this project over the years, except that it was not given media attention.

This year, Chiereh Alhaji Ibrahim Adams took his donation to the Kunsu Health Center where he presented the items to the Hospital management. He said his vision is to simply support his homeland Ghana, as well as the District where his father has been living for many years.

He further advised the community members to frequently go to the facility for the checkup since it would be done free of charge. He advised that they should not wait till they are critically ill.

Chireh Alhaji Ibrahim Adams stressed that the items were for free and should not be sold to anyone. He said his motivation is to encourage regular medical checkups. He said he has been appealing to other philanthropists to come home and contribute their quota to the national development. He said doing this would change the impression that everything is supposed to be done by the central government.

The chief said he was supported by his friend in New Jersey, United States of America Mr. Hosam, CEO of Bloomfield Pharmacy to do this donation and would encourage him to do more since the people are very happy about it.

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