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Bradez ready to Conquer the World


Bradez ready to Conquer the World

Sensational hiplife duo, Bradez made up of Stone (Da ) and Kunta Kinte, has set the stage for exciting times the release of another fascinating song to rock the entire nation entitled Ye Ko Ye Nim.

Ye ko ye nim (Moving forward) comes from the duo's yet-to-be released third album, Conquer the World which will hit the market soon.

After the highly successful Breakthrough album which received massive rotations on radio and TV, the album accrued several awards including the 2010 GMA Song of the Year, Museke Online West Song of the Year.

The album had hits such as SimpleDondo.

The release of the new song comes with much expectation from the fans of the group who have been thirsty for good songs and their exceptionally brilliant performance on stage.

Ye Ko Ye Nim, the first song on the album to be released is a party track which voices their current state of mind. Bradez, together with the song producer 'Peeweezel Cue' has introduced a unique matching band groove.

Stone, speaking in an said, “We chose this groove purposely because it suggests a continuous movement of a group of people with rhythm and discipline which re-iterates the theme of the song ‘moving forward'.

He further added that, “In spite of all the challenges, we have managed to stand firm and even more, moved forward. It reported about a year ago that ‘' was hit by mild stroke.

“God being so good, he has improved tremendously, and that has inspired us to complete most of the tracks on our new album ‘Conquer The World'. We have been able to stand on our feet, moved forward and are now ready to ‘Conquer the world'.” Stone explained.

In the absence of Kunta Kinte, Stone the flow king, managed to rock countless number of big stages and shows across the nation single handedly.

Some of the tracks on the new album includes E go be (plus an Appietus version), Whose on the Mic, Conquer the World, do me Ghana

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