Does It Always Have To Be Funny?

imagesThere are so many challenges and pressures in live so in our leisure time we wish to have something to relax you. Most of our shows on our television stations are full of comedy and refreshing content geared towards relaxing as and keeping us glues to our television sets. But I want to ask a simple question that does it always have to be funny? Is it only funny that is good for television content that people will watch most of the time?
When you tune into most of the television=s stations there are tons of local series that are mostly co-produced by the media house. Their titles are also being hilarious. Examples of some of these series is “bema Nkwan Ye de”, “Efiewura”, “Chokor Trotrro” “Pay Day”, “Barber and Shoeshine”, “payday”, “Afia Schwarzenegger” and many others. One way or the other these series serve their purpose of production and some have been working for almost a decade.
Others on the other hand try so much to be funny but end up rather boring the viewer. Most of our Ghanaian productions are not so good but at the least they make us laugh. Coupling of the poor production and lack of creativity in acts to make it a comedy makes it annoying. These shows are strategically positioned to suit the general leisure time so people can relax and enjoy. My study example of this kind of series which is annoying rather than funny is “pay day” showing in UTV on Sundays. Most Sunday evenings around 4pm most people are at home relaxing or either getting ready for the next day. Only to tune in to this boring movie and the characters try so hard to be funny but it’s so flat.
Instead of forcing ourselves to be funny we must push our creativity and try other things which apply to our daily lives which is inspiring and insightful. Sometimes in the bid to be funny at all means we compromise the right representation on Television.


Monica Otumfuor

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