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Don’t draw any correlation between Joe Biden and John Mahama’s female running mates – Atik Mohammed schools Ghanaians

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Don’t draw any correlation between Joe Biden and John Mahama’s female running mates – Atik Mohammed schools Ghanaians

General Secretary of People National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed has shared insightful analysis of the choice of running mate of National Democrat’s Joe Biden.

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Joe Biden yesterday selected Kamala Harris as his running mate to battle out with the incumbent president, Donald Trump. Immediately after her nomination, Ghanaian social media was flooded with congratulatory messages as some were trying to justify the choice of John Mahama’s, Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman.


“Joe Biden has made an excellent choice in Kamala Harris not merely because she’s a woman. But largely because she is very competent; which competence was and is demonstrated as the Attorney General of California and as a Senator respectively. This competence also her led to attempt a run for the Democratic nomination. She also fits a certain demographic profile (African American and South Asian American) that the Democratic Party needs going into the 2020 elections. It should not therefore be misunderstood that, there’s a certain global phenomenon that is electing women Vice Presidential candidates because of their gender. If Kamala were a man, he would most likely still be selected. Her nomination is therefore not a gendered one, as some Ghanaians seeking to justify a local choice are doing. In any event, why did we not see similar enthusiasm from the so called “political feminists” when Sarah Palin was nominated by John McCain in August 2008? In fact, her nomination was equally historic as she was the first female VEEP the GOP ever chose. Similarly, where was the support for Hillary who was actually the Presidential Candidate in 2016? I dare say, some of these folks who are the loudest in Ghana on Kamala’s nomination opposed Hillary’s bid. Such hypocrisy!! The convenient “political feminists” in Ghana can promote Prof anyway they wish, but they should please not attempt to draw a correlation between that choice and Kamala.”

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