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Ernesto Yeboah Backs Akuapem Poloo As He Claims The System Has Attacked The Vulnerable

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Ernesto Yeboah Backs Akuapem Poloo As He Claims The System Has Attacked The Vulnerable

The convener for Economic Fighters League (or whatever the identity of his movement is so named), taken to his platform to criticise the system after Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo jailed for 90 days for indecent exposure and other counts of charges in Her Ladyship Christina’s court on 16th April, 2021.

According to the outspoken social commentator, he understands Akuapem Poloo’s plight and is worried about the situation at hand. He furthered that she could have had a more lenient judgement for the sake of her son since she is a single mother interested in to take care of his son. Ernesto made this known in one of his usual Facebook posts.

Ernesto Yeboah posted;

***I know that kind of Mother’s love, in a world where the is nowhere to be found. The more I think of Rosemond Brown the more pain I feel for her and her son.

We are criminalising the body of a woman, but will ignore overt sexual abuse. We are indignant over a harmless photo, but will reject clear evidence of assault.

In all this, who stands to lose the most? The child we are claiming to protect. A single mother jailed for three months.

What good is in this?***

What do actually make of this? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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C. A. Asante is a teacher (Village Teacher) by profession who has reported on a number of elections in Ghana for Central Press Newspaper. He is known among his peers as a researcher and regular contributor in Education, Politics, etc. Follow : Instagram- @ chris_asante1...Facebook: CA Asante


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