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Fitness & beauty tips


Fitness & beauty tips

It's hard to feel beautiful if you're not fit. Many of things that you do to increase your level of fitness can make you beautiful, and vice versa. A few beauty and fitness tips can help you look and feel your best.

Moisturizing can help you to look younger and can give your skin a sheen that radiates health and fitness. Celebrity make-up Shalini Vadhera recommends using olive a moisturizer to give skin a healthy glow. She says that you can also use it to treat sunburns and to smooth frizzy hair. You can use olive oil as a cuticle conditioner as well.

Simply soak the tips of your fingers occasionally in the oil for five minutes. Don't hesitate to cook a bit of it when you prepare your dinner. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats — healthy fats that can help prevent disease.

Eat your vegetables
Eating your vegetables can increase your fitness and your beauty. In her book “Beauty: The New Basics,” author Rona Berg says eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can decrease the effects of aging, lower cholesterol and support skin health. Vitamin C especially important for beauty because it can destroy free radicals and produce skin-plumping collagen.

A diet with plenty of vegetables will also help you control your weight and provide plenty of heart-healthy fiber.

Reduce Stress
Stress can add wrinkles to your face, and the scowl that often accompanies it is anything but attractive. It also wreaks havoc the body, causing it to produce excess cortisol, which can result in a unhealthy abdominal fat that creates an unattractive potbelly.

Reduce your stress by taking time out of your to relax in a way that works for you. Try meditating, going for a walk in a quiet park or doing a few deep breathing exercises from time to time. You can also get rid of stress by working out. Do an activity you enjoy to get the most benefits.

Set short-term goals
When striving for a beauty or fitness outcome, you may think to yourself, “I'd like to fit in a pair of size 6 jeans” or “I want to have perfect skin.” Working to accomplish these goals can be frustrating because they are not broken down into easily attainable steps.

Lifetime network's healthy living guru Jessie Pavelka advises focusing on what you need to do each day to meet your goal. To fit in the jeans, focus on losing 2 lbs. a week until you meet that goal.

To get beautiful skin, focus on building a new habit each week, such as drinking more water or completing a skin-care regime before going to bed at night.

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