Flex On Pluzz Promotes Album Sale Through Reviews

imagesFlex on pluzz is a show that reviews flex newspaper and other major stories in the entertainment industry. Samuel Baah editor of flex newspaper and host of AMPluzz hosts the show along with entertainment pundits. They have introduced a segment called the album review which they are using to promote the sales of albums in the country. This afford the listener intel about all the songs on the album to wet appetite for buying it.
The sale of albums for some time now has been very dormant. The trend now is releasing singles and then later an album which by then most people have the songs so they don’t buy the album.
In the first week of introducing the segment they reviewed the album of NO Tribe called “one God” which was recorded live in a grand style. The songs are played one after the other and the artist explain the songs, their means and the production. The pundits as well talk about the songs and give contributions
Today on the show Bisa K Dei’s album was reviewed and he produced almost all the songs. The album contains 1 songs with two instrumentals. Another producer (Tuntum) produced a hip pop and dancehall tune for him but he did the other songs himself. He wrote all the songs himself and after making the album he started promoting them one after the other and has sold a total of about 1000 copies. His album has been successful compared to majority of albums released of late.


Monica Otumfuor

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