Get your dictionaries ready as Hon. Patto starts your week

89321121.295The name Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon surely resonates simply because he is that man who takes the beautiful English language by the horn. His level of mesmerizing the Queen’s language is second to none.

It will be recalled that the ‘a verbal contortionist and bombastic patriot’ as he calls himself on Facebook, sent his condolence message when the late President of Ghana, John Atta Mill passed away.

Here is a quick reminder on what he wrote:‘President Professor John Evans Atta Mills’ passing on is a mere ephemeral recumbent hibernation; an empyrean paradisiac rendezvous lies ahead. Heaven is the terminus. The ecclesiastic, executive and legislature and all Ghanaians at large have lost a solitaire. Any veritable verification of the verity of President Professor John Evans Atta Mills’ demise? I am in a state of metagrabolised melancholia’. He meant no harm, we can presume.

Recently, the former legislator who currently works as part of the Edo State Government represented the Governor of the State Adams Oshiomhole at the 2014 United Nations International Youths Day which was organized by Rise Networks at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) in Nigeria.

The topic of Patrick’s speech was “Job Creation for Youth in Nigeria”.

Patrick delivered the speech with lots of passion and his usual infusion of interesting words.

The students listened attentively and also cheered him on whenever he dropped his “word bombs” while some consulted their online dictionaries and took notes.

Start the new month with this rib cracking video below, perhaps you may need a dictionary as a guide…


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