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Ghanaian Hiplife Duo KgPM Returns Azontified- “Xtra Large”


Ghanaian Hiplife Duo KgPM Returns Azontified- “Xtra Large”

Times flies when you’re busy doing a 9-5. It’s been 11 years since Ghanaian Hiplife duo KgPM (made up of KGee and The PM) released their critically acclaimed debut album Saa Na Wotiɛ, which featured Blitz the Ambassador (one of our favourite rappers and also one of the most hard-working emcees out there) and Obrafour, a Hiplife veteran who, in his own words is “one of the few survivors of the test of time”.

They were one of the notable Hiplife groups back then: good rhymes and delivery in Twi and Pidgin, nice balance between distinctly African rhythms and hip-hop beats. Mmiribi Be Ba gives you an idea of their sound back then, as does Saa Na Wo Tie.

But then they took time off to concentrate on uni, after which they were busy with “regular” jobs. Didn’t help matters that they settled in different countries (UK and the States). They never lost touch with music, though, with PM in particular holding down a regular DJ gig on Rainbow Radio.

But while they were otherwise occupied, Azonto became the new game in town, with GH Rap and Hiplife artists incorporating this new hook-dependent, faster paced style style into their repertoire. Thus it is fitting that this first single off the duo’s forthcoming, aptly-titled comeback album, The Re-Entry!, is a discernibly Azontified number. Download & Play Audio: Xtra Large by KgPM feat. Atumpan.

Xtra Large, which features fellow Hiplife artist Atumpan, works for us. Download it while they’re giving it away for free, and drop by their Facebook page to welcome them back to the scene.

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