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Ghanaian/International Talkshow Host Marrydman On The Look


Ghanaian/International Talkshow Host Marrydman On The Look

240x_mg_marrydman_2Kwame Bekoe is one of the fastest rising Talk Show Host well known as MARRYDMAN in the showbiz circles .The unstoppable talkindrum. A journalist, blogger and a publicist to be precise as his profession, as part of his work he’s one business man who does not do away with his work.

Marrydman who is born a Ghanaian/International grew up in a home of entertainment, where he’s found himself now. He’s entertainment and entertainment is him.

Marrydman who has successfully hosted radio shows from one country to the other with his unique way of work style, has one way or the other worked with some of the top international radio giants.

People keep wondering where the name ‘MARRYDMAN’ is from but those who is closer much o me knows the reason and brains behind this name.Radio and T.V which is also been part of his profession is been one difficult task to do or deal with.

People listen and watch and think its easy to go about it but its quiet unfortunate some do not know what it takes to be on air. Most experience are gain from the field of work where you learn a lot from.This has been one of the things that has kept MARRYDMAN through his entire life of been a talk show host.

Before ‘MARRYDMAN’ started he was then hosting smaller pool parties to bigger pool parties in Ghana.Running from Night Clubs to Clubs. Sucessfully the name got recognized by some people in and beyond Ghana. That was where it all started. Contrary to that MARRYDMAN has always rocked shows with his wonderful voice which is kept him on track.

Despite challenges one faces in his entire career, there’s nothing that has made him given up with what he’s doing. What he’s looked up to is what is making him as at now.

From Jamaica where he rocked one pool party through to Lesotho down to our neighbouring country Code D’Ivoire amongst others. So far so good MARRYDMAN in the showbiz is one hot player.

Most of his works which is been recognized worldwide, he still believes to pull through tougher times and situations that comes his way because according to him, in life, as we see there is no limit in whatever you do, once you keep pushing you reach your target and at it all it becomes much more bigger.

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