Green Card Visa Lottery: Will it be abolished?

Green Card Visa Lottery: Will it be abolished?

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All over the world, it’s no news that President Donald Trump has declared his intention to put the immigration lottery program to an end. President Trump disclosed that meeting with the Cabinet that he’ll end chain migration. The big question becomes how soon is this going to be? While some people advocate that it may be hard to put an end to this, others propose that it’s not ending anytime soon.

Get this; the abolishment of green card visa lottery is not coming to an end soon. A look at the different backgrounds of the various immigrants (lottery winners) reveals that they have different strength and skills that pull the economic activities of the US. Calling for the end of green card visa lottery will homogenize the workforce of the United States, which is not a right one.

Apparently, new immigrants tend to be less fluent in the English Language skills and pick up the job specifications with less demand of the English communication skills. While the Americans earn fortunes, these immigrant groups grow fine with their earnings and have little or no tendency to compete for the same jobs with the Americans.

The idea of scraping by President Trump will not come to manifestation soon as many sectors will be affected if this idea is executed. A little risk of terrorism shouldn’t be the reason to put the United States in a condition where it struggles to meet up and amend the effects of scrapping the green card visa lottery. A look at all these show that the idea will not be manifested anytime soon.

By Antwi Odrey

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