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How My Smart Friend In Ghana Is Broke Whilst I Enjoy Life In UK – Netizen Narrates In FixTheCountry Issue

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How My Smart Friend In Ghana Is Broke Whilst I Enjoy Life In UK – Netizen Narrates In FixTheCountry Issue

A popular netizen has narrated how he feels privileged as ‘a not so brilliant’ champ whilst his brilliant friend in Ghana with a Master’s degree is living like a church mouse. He made this write-up in relation to the current trending issue about “FixTheCountry” brouhaha.

Chris Vincent Agyapong wrote;

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I am well educated. I have job in UK, and I am well paid.
I can afford to buy or rent a decent place on the of my salary—I have access to great healthcare, good roads, reliable power and water supply.
My children have access to better and free education—and better and free healthcare. Even if I lose my job, the government will provide me with free accommodation and some to buy food each week.
In fact, it is if I am living in heaven, on earth.
of my friends has a degree and a masters in Ghana.
He is equally well educated. In fact, he is probably smarter than me. But he has no job in Ghana—he lives in an accommodation akin to a place for goats, yet his rent is over the roof.
He does not have a reliable power supply or water. He must pay his rent 1 year in advance—and he has no good healthcare.

He travels on death trap roads each day and sometimes he does not even know where his next meal will come from.
He has done everything that is expected of a reasonable citizen—paid to educate himself greatly but he feels like a loser and life is sinking before him.
What can such a person fix again in his life again?
The only thing that obviously needs fixing is the country—I am not better than my friend, but the country has made it seem so for him despite all his efforts.
My friend is not asking for anything close to what the UK offers. He just wants a decent paid job to do—he wants to travel on decent roads and he wants to have a reliable power and water supply as well as a decent healthcare system.

He wants to work and be able to also afford a decent place to live in dignity as a human being.
Above all, he wants those in power to honour the promises they themselves made to him when they were begging for his vote.

How is this so hard for a government to do?
#Fixthecountry and if you think the economy is so bad such that you cannot fix it, all of you can resign—no one is forcing you to be at post.
You said you can fix it and you were given the mandate to fix it alongside a salary you set for yourselves. So shut up for once and fix the country—enough of the excuses and the political rhetorics.
–Chris-Vincent Agyapong
, the , the Writer, the Thinker, the Minimalist and the Professional Truth Sayer…

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C. A. Asante is a teacher (Village Teacher) by profession who has reported on a number of elections in Ghana for Central Press Newspaper. He is known among his peers as a researcher and regular contributor in Education, Politics, etc. Follow : Instagram- @ chris_asante1...Facebook: CA Asante

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