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(Incredible video): John Mahama refers to himself as “PAPA NO”

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(Incredible video): John Mahama refers to himself as “PAPA NO”

Searching for who Papa no was became more daunting task than solving Elective Maths questions .

“PAPA NO” was a coded name Mzbel and Tracy Boakye used for a sugar daddy they were both dating and fighting over on social media . It was all fun until it took a political twist and opponents of NDC said the man in question was former president John Dramani Mahama, their Flag bearer.



Inaugurating one of NDC’S Parliamentary candidate, the former president said that when you vote for Papa no (Him, John Mahama) the you vote for the son ( the Parliamentary candidate).


This is a common thing presidential Candidates do because they would want to win the elections with majority in Parliament as well.




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