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Is Natural Hair The New SEXY?


Is Natural Hair The New SEXY?

838880944_519784Gradually, young women with natural hair are beginning to catch my intimate attention even from far.

Though I am particularly fascinated by the intellect of women, until you start a conversation with a person it is always difficult to establish how much they can arouse you intelligently.

Over the years, women who are abreast with issues of World Politics, Cosmology, Religion, Law and the God Theory have been succeeded in exerting a pull factor on me. But spotting these women from a distance without any sort of ‘conversational’ evaluation has always been impossible…

Unintentionally, it seems I have found a way by which I can fetch such women from the lot by just using the nature of their hair.

Apart from the fact that my new ‘pick-up’ theory has worked magic for me on a considerable number of occasions, natural hair seems to define a new form of SEXY, and I hear I am not alone.

The many natural hair rocking women I have managed to blushingly tell I love their hair and that was the initial attraction factor which prompted me to approach them have always told me; ‘yeah a lot of people say they love my hair’.

In a recent discussion with my friends note that my good friends are equally interested in Physics, Philosophy and Conspiracy Theories, it emerged that they also find natural hair women more sexy than those who rock other types of hair styles.

Though some of my friends do not buy into my assertion of spotting intellect through hair styles, they believe natural hair makes women unique, SEXY and more Afrocentric the new form of opened mindedness.

To me, natural hair is the new SEXY, the best pull factor that can drag me from my table at any meeting to the far corner to speak to a woman.

What about you? Does natural hair have any sort of pull or push factor on you?


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