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Jackie declines 1/4 car prize


Jackie declines 1/4 car prize

Ghana's top actress, Jackie Appiah, finally said “no” to the offer of a prize car to be shared among four of the actresses who starred in 4Play.

The prize of the Zotye SUV awarded Jackie, Juliet Ibrahim, and Roslyn Ngissah at the maiden Ghana Movie Awards for Best Actress in Leading Role.

Jackie said “no” last weekend in an exclusive her return from a short trip to Lagos, Nigeria. “I want to first of all apologize to the organizers of the event, colleagues and sisters: Juliet, Yvonne and Roslyn Ngissah as well as my numerous fans for my inability to be the presentation ceremony.”

At that presentation ceremony at 's Golden Tulip Hotel, the other three actresses who were present said they couldn't decide and what they were going to use the prize car for because according them, they could not take any decision without Jackie.

“I am sorry to have put the decision on the future of the car on hold because of my absence. Now that I'm in town, I have gotten in touch with my sisters to settle the issue once and for all.

Since the four of us can definitely not drive the prize car together, I would suggest that we sell the car and share the proceeds amongst ourselves. But for me I will give my portion of the proceeds to charity.”

When Jackie was prompted that recipients of the cars (the three actresses and Agya Koo) were made to sign terms of condition to the effect that the car could not be sold until after one year, she said, “All four of us worked very hard on set during the shooting of the movie to bring out the best for 4Play. We are like sisters and respect each other and this car shouldn't bring any divisions among us.

“However, it is obvious that the four of us cannot drive the same vehicle and since we are also not allowed to dispose of it, then, I humbly opt out of that decision making and leave it to my three other colleagues with all due respect.”

She stated that she will accept whatever decision her three colleagues take in respect of the car.

Asked whether she opted out because she owned other cars, Jackie explained that her lack of interest in the car was not because she owned other cars. Her decision to back out of this whole Ghana Movie Awards car saga rests on the fact that, it is simply impossible for four people to share a single car.

“I am OK with the prestigious gold plated statuette. That is enough for me to show that I won an award at the first Ghana Movie Awards. The car was just an additional prize. I would want to commend Mr. Fred Nuamah and the organizers for awarding us and to congratulate all award winners.

“I have received several awards outside the country but this is the only award we have as our own. Am looking forward for this year's event,” she stated.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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