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Kwabena Kwabena In Trouble!


Kwabena Kwabena In Trouble!

Silky-voice singer and Ghana Music Awards 2012 “Highlife Artiste of the Year” winner, Kwabena Kwabena, has been caught in the middle of a mind boggling scandal, and the way out for him is to be at two places at the same time and the same day.

According to information available to, the “Bibini” singer has somehow managed to commit himself to perform on two major events; “I Love My Life” concert scheduled to take place at The Dome in Accra, and the ‘Basket Mouth Unrestricted’ Concert’ taking place at Hotel Georgia in Kumasi, and both events are happening on Republic Day, Sunday July 1, 2012 at the same time.

Kwabena Kwabena’s face was first seen on the ‘Demaco Live In Ghana’ posters, billboards and Television ads and his name has been part of publicity for the event for the past weeks until news came out that he has also confirmed his performance on the Basket Mouth show in Kumasi. findings have revealed that Kwabena Kwabena has committed himself to both events and has taken part payments from organizers of both events.

A source close to Home Proud Entertainment, organizers of the Basket Mouth show in Kumasi, who spoke to, insisted that Kwabena Kwabena would come to Kumasi this Sunday to perform on the show. “He will definitely be here on 1st July. He is not performing on any other show”, the source stated. has gathered that the singer’s hotel reservation and interview on various radio stations in Kumasi prior to the night are all set for him in the Ashanti regional capital. Our source revealed that Kwabena Kwabena was in Kumasi on Monday June 25, 2012 to complete transactions on his performance in the garden city, after which the organizers issued a press release to that effect.

According to the statement “The iconic guitarist and soul musician, stated unequivocally, that he will be in Kumasi on Sunday, Republic Day July 1 where he is billed to perform alongside the eclectic afro-pop songstress, Jane Awindor, now Efya on the ‘Basket Mouth Unrestricted’ Concert at the Banquet Hall of Hotel Georgia.

Promising an A-Class performance, KwabenaKwabena further stated that he found it necessary to clear the cloud of uncertainty surrounding his schedule for Republic Day, and the conflicting promotional adverts that seek to suggest that he just might not make it for the BasketMouth show in Kumasi”.

On the other hand, a close source at Phamous Media Group, organizers of the “I Love My Life” Concert, disclosed to that Kwabena Kwabena has agreed to perform on the Demaco concert which is why his name and picture have been part of the promotion of the event.

The source added that Kwabena Kwabena has already taken part-payment to perform at the Dome on July 1. According to the source Kwabena Kwabena has refused to answer calls from organizers of the Demaco concert for some time now, even though he has agreed to go for radio and Television interviews prior to the event, and also to come for dress rehearsal before his performance on the night.

All attempts by to reach Kwabena Kwabana to find out from him, which of the two events his fans should expect him, has proved futile, as he has refused to answer his phone. However both organizers claim they dealt directly with Kwabena Kwabena himself, and not through any manager.

For now, organizers of both events are optimistic that Kwabena Kwabena will perform on their respective concerts insisting that he has committed himself to both of them. So how can the “Dadie anoma” hit maker be at two places at the same time, or which of the two events will win him to their side.

In another development, investigations have also revealed that Kwabena Kwabena was supposed to fly out of Ghana to America around the same time, for a musical tour in a number of states in America, but for some reason the contemporary Highlife singer is still in Ghana, and we are still not sure which show he would perform on in Ghana, this weekend.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/

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