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M3nsa: Before I Met Wanlov, I Was a Virgin


M3nsa: Before I Met Wanlov, I Was a Virgin

854903975_993960M3nsa, one half of the FOKN Bois music duo, says before he met his music partner, Wanlov, he was a virgin and that he has no regrets over their recent leaked nude photos.

Public perception has generally been that before M3nsa joined FOKN Bois, he was an innocent morally upright gentleman but Wanlov has changed him into something else.

Television presenter Eddy Blay recently had an interview with M3nsa and asked him the big question: “Many people wonder who “spoiled” who in the group. Was it Wanlov who “spoiled” you, or the other way around?”
This was how Mensa answered: “Just to be safe, I’ll say Wanlov “spoiled” me.

The thing is that, most people don’t know me so they shouldn’t be quick to form an opinion. If it creates some kind of mystique then fine, but none of that bothers me. It’s all good, because we continue to do what we do. We give each other therapy. We bring the creativity out of each other. Before I met Wanlov I was a virgin. (laughs)”

M3nsa’s statement is a rather ambiguous one as it could mean several things. Eddy Blay also asked M3nsa why the FOKN Bois is perceived to be overly controversial.

“We just say things that people think but can’t say. They act all shocked when they hear what we say, but behind closed doors they enjoy it. They are what we call “shy predators.” When we did “Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians” people talked plenty. Next thing we know it became a hit in Nigeria. It was just satire that poked fun at Ghanaians. Many didn’t get it just because of the title. We like to play with the sentiments of our people,” M3nsa stated.

He continued: “The only other controversy came from the nude picture that came out. That was not meant for the public. I have nothing to apologize for. We didn’t deliberately leak it. Trust me, if we wanted to leak anything we would, and we would own up to it. What did we really do wrong?

It was not a sexual picture, or indecent. It was just a picture of the way we were born, nude. I spent the first 10 years of my life running around naked. I didn’t put the picture out there myself, so I owe nobody an explanation. What did we do wrong? Why can’t we complain about how politicians are chopping our money?

“I live in Dansoman, we hardly ever get running water and there’s always light off! I don’t see anyone chastising the MP.I just can’t relate to all the so-called controversy.

“There are bigger problems that people should worry about. What is their priority? Why don’t they talk about the message in our music and the work we’re doing instead? We headlined the world’s most prestigious music festival, Glastonbury, with all the big bands like The Rolling Stones, etc. FOKN Bois was the only African band there. That didn’t make any headlines in the newspapers.

“What about all the contributions we’re making to the art, and how we’re representing original Ghanaian creative arts worldwide? Nobody talks about that, but rather chat about a nude picture. I’m not going to allow anybody to make me feel bad, because I’m doing my part. If I die right now, I did what I had to do as a musician and took care of my family. Period!”

Source: News One
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