Mzbel can’t stop bleaching

Mzbel can’t stop bleaching

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Mzbel expressed her disgust in engaging in skin bleaching on StarrFM. The Jamestown girl, turn star, blamed her utterance on trend during her teen. According to her, beaching was a norm during her teenage days, where education on the side effect of bleaching were not made public.

“I regret ever bleaching. I wish I never did bleach. I wish I had someone advising me. Attempts to stop bleaching has been very difficult as the side effects are so clear when I make the attempt…I am able to afford the cream because I have a job that pays well. Bleaching in James town at the time was common. It wasn’t a big deal at all” she said.

This has motivated her to preach against skin bleaching especially in Jamestown, and also about teenage pregnancy where she would use herself as an example.

By James Odami

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