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Nigerian Lady Gets Handwritten Boarding Pass From Airline


Nigerian Lady Gets Handwritten Boarding Pass From Airline

A Nigerian lady identified as Adanna Nwaokolo has taken to social media to reveal the handwritten boarding pass she got at a Nigerian airline.

The lady posted the handwritten boarding pass she got, quoting with:

Naija which way, see my boarding pass.”

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According to Adanna, her flight had been shifted from 5 to 6:40 and later 11:40 pm only to be handed a handwritten boarding pass.

Adanna’s tweet quickly went viral and was however met with mixed reactions.

People had different things to say about the state of the country’s aviation industry and how airlines operate.

Sharing a personal experience, a user on the platform wrote:

“This one is not new now. Something that I have experienced many times, even as far back as 10 years ago. You just have to use it like that or you won’t fly.”

See some other reactions below …

@Edward_Onoriode said: “I guess the printer is faulty so, they improvised by handwriting it so as not to delay passengers from boarding. Issues like this isn’t regular but happen once in a while.”

@seunpratt_ said: “Even people wey never travel before Deylaugh Awon ode.. That’s a manual boarding pass in situations where the airport facilities isn’t working at that time.. we can tell people not to travel because the airport facility isn’t working. Note it happens all over the world okay.”

@rcnwashili said: “You can actually write this thing yourself at home sha. Stand for outside ya gate, plane go come pick you there.”

@the_writa said: “Which airline is this? Seriously I won’t enter a plane whose airline is writing out boarding passes. But nigerians don’t value their lives. It’s the same mindset that makes us enter a dead looking vehicle. But this is a plane! A plane for christ’s sake.”

@bentemisonn said: “You never see anything. You’re lucky they even have money for ink self. Next one they‘ll use pencil to draft it.”

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