Pimp my ride contestants reveal Xzibit’s customised cars were fake

imagesFormer contestants of MTV’s Pimp My Ride have revealed that much of the show was faked.

According to the Huffington Post, many of the flashy upgrades installed by rapper Xzibit and his West Coast Customs crew didn’t work, made the car worse or were simply taken out as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

The show, was enormously popular when it debuted in 2004, featured participants who had clapped out cars, which would then be repaired and ‘pimped out’ with new paint jobs, interiors and rims.

The show also earned a reputation for its extravagant auto features such as adding pool tables, arcade machines, shoe racks, clothes dryers and chandeliers to cars.

However a number of former contestants revealed in separate Reddit AMA’s that many of the customizations were only put in for the sake of the show.

‘They actually take out a lot of the stuff that they showed on TV,’ said Justin Dearinger, whose Toyota Rav4 was given ‘pop-up champagne contraption’ and a ‘drive in theater’ – both of which were taken out when the episode wrapped.

He added the former was removed because they didn’t want to be seen condoning drink driving; the latter because it simply wasn’t road safe.

Another contestant Seth Martino claimed he couldn’t drive with the LED lights they had installed in his seat because they would get too hot.

Another addition, a cotton candy machine, didn’t have room for a lid, so if used the candy floss would just fly all over the place.

‘They took the gull-wing doors off because the pistons used to lift them kept them from putting seat belts in the back, which was highly dangerous,’ he said.

Martino also claimed the producers just wanted to put the cotton candy machine into someone’s car, and selected him because he was fat, even pouring bags of candy into his pre-pimped car.

‘I know I’m fat, but they went the extra mile to make me look extra fat by telling the world that I kept candy all over my seat and floor just in case I got hungry.

‘Then gave me a cotton candy machine in my trunk,’ he said.

‘I sat there and watched them dump out two bags of generic candy. I did not have any candy all over my car. That was completely fabricated for the story.’

Seth also claimed he had to rent a car at his own expense while he waited months on the revamp; not the couple of days the shows editors had viewers believe.

The contestants also revealed that much of the reaction shots – when their new pimped ride is revealed – were faked and re-shot many times.

A third contestant, Jake Glazer, clearly wasn’t excited enough when he had his Buick century returned.

He said: ‘I remember this very clearly, Big Dane, very big dude, he like puts his arm around my shoulder, kind of walks me around the shop for like 10 minutes and he’s like, “Listen, we put a lot of work into this… we expect you to be a little more f****** enthusiastic.”‘



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