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The much talked about show in town this January – Raquel live inside Dodi Princess scheduled for today – 27th of January 2012has been postponed to the 3rd of February 2012 for better and proper adjustment of the show.

Management and organizers of the show express deep regrets to all tickets holders and interested people saying that the demand for the show within the last minutes increase drastically, hence measures had to be in place if fans were going to have a good time.

In a chat with the management member of Raquel, he disclosed that: ‘from the beginning the event looks slow but getting the closing date of the event the demand increase drastically, something that caught the attention of both parties, that is management and organizers, hence we have to meet those demands, if we want a better show for the fast rising female icon Raquel.

He noted that the show is still happening, the new date is 3rd of February 2012 on the island, fans should bear with us just for the fact that it is going to be the first of its kind, all her (Raquel) fans want to be with her on the island, meaning we can’t leave some behind.

For the benefits of those who already bought ticket, it is still the same price GHC60 plus they get to prepare well and meet the bigger family on the 3rd of February, the management member later stressed.

In his final words, the management who wants to remain anonymous lamented passionately that, fans should call it the pre-valentine’s jam for 2012, also they can call the first mini- concert from the artiste (Raquel) to her fans to say, first of, happy new year and second of, she is saying thank you for been there all this while even during the alleged scandal over the open vagina case.

It’s the soul singer Raquel Live inside Dodi Princess on the 3rd of February 2012, if you have not booked your ticket please do it now because this time around there will be no postponement, trust us

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