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“The Wire” Actress Stays In Baltimore To Help Youth


“The Wire” Actress Stays In Baltimore To Help Youth

BALTIMORE-Sonja Sohn, who played detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs on the critically acclaimed TV show “The Wire” playing new role in the streets of Baltimore.

Sohn is following in the steps of “The Wire” characters Dennis “Cutty” Wise and Howard “Bunny” Colvin and is working with disadvantaged youth in Baltimore to help them lead positive lives

The Washington Post reports:

This late in 2009, during the first session of ReWired for Life, a program Sohn had conceived of years earlier and devoted herself to building after “The Wire” signed . She hadn't been ready to leave the show behind, neither what it stood for nor the Baltimore streets on which it had filmed. It was more than that, though. “I had an extraordinarily strong sense of purpose,” she says, in the same half-purr, half-growl voice familiar to fans of “The Wire.” “ entire life had become about this.”

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