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(VIDEO): Kumasi boy gives soldier dirty slaps for punishing him during Lockdown


(VIDEO): Kumasi boy gives soldier dirty slaps for punishing him during Lockdown

Ghana’s President Nana Addo, announced a lockdown of major cities which started, 30th March 2020 in a national press statement.

A lot has gone on since. some people have disobeyed and have been punished by military and policemen, while some have just been obedient enough to stay in their homes as directed by the president.


Before the lockdown, many had said that the involvement of the Military in this exercise will only mean harassing citizens and going scot-free, …and from recent happenings, it seems to be just the case.


In the video fast going viral on social media, the military beats up the offender several times until he couldn’t take it anymore, and replies with a punch.

He took to heels after punching the military man and he also pulled a gun on him.


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