I wondered what really is the sound of relief and in my quest I realized that there are many around us which we sometimes fail to recognize. They may be sounds we do ignore on any day but on some days we yearn to hear them or wish we could hear them to make us feel better.

I went to the accounts office to give out my receipt and the machine had a sound which I felt was irritating and was hoping to get out of there soon. All of a sudden the sound stopped and that meant I was going to be there longer than I hoped. I started muttering a prayer under my breath while standing in the queue with a look of desperation. After a while I heard the sound and it seemed like a new song in my ears because that’s all I needed to hear to take my desperation go away, it was the sound of relief.

When a pregnant woman is in labour she is in pain, fear and desperate for what is unknown, she imagines all the possibilities or complications that comes with labour. In her pain she has to push hard enough just see her baby. When it finally comes out her ears are very sharp and waiting to hear the sound of cry which is her greatest relief and drowns all her pain and anxieties away. After a while when she wants to sleep at night and her baby keeps crying that same sound becomes a worry to her.

Our sound of relief lies in the moment we find ourselves and the part of the fence on which we stand. Life has Various ways of presenting issues or making us see things. When events occur in our lives we see it from our perspectives and expect the others to see things our way, admittedly if we were those people we will also see things their way. Whatever happens learn to listen to both sides of a story and try to see from both perspectives before you utter a word of judgment.


Monica Otumfuor

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