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Why Is Shatta Wale Wearing 4 watches, Is It 4More4Nana? – Read Exclusive Report



Why Is Shatta Wale Wearing 4 watches, Is It 4More4Nana? – Read Exclusive Report

years and endorsement of political parties are like siamese twins, they move together.

One artist who hasn’t shown his political color is . He is always with where power is.
In 2016, he was with the former president John Dramani Mahama wherever he went. He even performed on the Final rally organized by the at the Accra Sports Stadium, albeit they paid him.

Fast forward, in 2016 when took over. He started aligning himself to the president too and even went to the Jubilee house on his birthday by the president’s invitation.



The president congratulated him when he featured Beyoncè. Shatta Wale replied that he’s keeping the tweet for four more years.
He has since been spotted wearing 4 watches everywhere he goes now.
So we asked our followers on Facebook whEy Shatta Wale is wearing 4 watches and their response will shock you.




The two slogans for the in 2020 are:
Round 2 and 4more4Nana.
And coincidentally he is wearing two watches on each of his hands.
Well, the followers of say it means 4more4Nana.

Find screenshot of their comments below:


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