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Yayra Koku exposes Prof. Ken Attafuah

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Yayra Koku exposes Prof. Ken Attafuah

Vociferous Communicator for the opposition National Democratic  Congress, Mr. Yayra Koku has responded to some claims the Director for the National Identification Authority, Professor Kenneth Attafuah made during media engagements today.
As a former worker of the institution Prof. Attafuah heads today, Yayra Koku seems to know much about the National Identification Authority and the current  NIA system.
See his response on his Facebook page below:
Did I hear Attafuah right? That he is the brain behind the current NIA system? This is shameful.
For the records, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the current NIA system was in December 2016. Where was Attafuah? Was NPP in power in 2016?
This whole PPP arrangement with Margins started in 2013. The agreement was to pilot the entire project with the issuance of cards to foreigners (FIMS). After two years of a successful test, we started the process to expand the project to include Ghanaians. I remember how a team went to Germany to port the old data into the new system, technical meetings to redesign the registration forms etc. In fact, the NIA card is supposed to be your VISA ATM card through Master Card.
Somebody should ask Attafuah why the card they issued to Akufo-Addo during the launch of the NIA project is different from what they are issuing now?
Is it the case that the moment you join NPP, you become a liar or what,? Oh, I just remembered, Attafuah is a very close friend of Bawumia so no problem.
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