GOP Consultant Behind Controversial Racial Comments

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Cam Newton has gotten a lot of backlash for his recent comments on racism, and now it’s being reported his change in beliefs regarding race may now be due to a GOP consultant.

According to a new report, Cam Newton has changed his stance on racism due to being “trained” by a GOP consultant.

Sports Illustrated writes:

Race has played a role in some, if not most, of the criticism Newton has received over the years. He said it in January and he said it again to the nation’s most recognizable black publication. But since then, something has changed, and Newton has been operating under the politics of respectability and colorblindness.

Part of the shift has to do with GOP pollster and PR advisor Frank Luntz. Luntz has worked with the Panthers before—Deadspin outlined some of his work with them and Cam Newton in a piece from 2014, which included, as the article says, “a campaign to enhance the image of several players and the organization.” He was called in (by whom is unclear) this off-season to help Newton frame discussions on race among other topics, according to people close to Newton. Luntz, who declined comment on this story through a spokeswoman, is often credited with prompting the phrase “climate change” rather than global warming and helping Newt Gingrich with his 1990s “Contract With America.”

It’s also not hard to see where he stands on Kaepernick’s recent protests.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles |