Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson to star in “Ebola Documentary”

31588488 Ebola has it first confirmation in Senegal and has claimed over 1550 lives since its outbreak in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone officials say. “The crisis has taken a heavy toll on health workers caring for those struck down by the virus. The WHO said Monday that 120 health care workers have died in the Ebola outbreak, and twice that number have been infected” -cnn.

Actor Eddie Watson – A Liberian born in Ghana is working on a documentary with Sark and Yvonne playing important role to create awareness. A sneak peak of their work is below – a trailer. however don’t people already know about this deadly disease? Shouldn’t people be provided with solution that will prevent the situation happening again in the future? Lets hope the video when release will convey the right message to the entire African continent, leaders and health researchers to bring a lasting solution to the table.

eddie-watson-sarkodieOne will assume tradition medicine manufactures would have produced some form of medication by now. Hope this is not an over exaggeration.

Watch trailer:

Source: Antwi Odrey –