The Ghana National Theater Festival Rocks With Poetry,Orchestra And Dance



IMG_3180The event started with poetry recital by Ghana’s finest poet Oswald Okaitei along with the National Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra churned out some beautiful tunes that were classic refreshing. Intermediary Oswald continued his spoken word and the orchestra continued to give melodious tunes. A soloist came on stage to perform with the orchestra and they blew the crowd in admiration for beautiful voice and excellent performance.

The National dance Company took over the stage with a beautiful stage setting for their act “The King’s Dilemma” which was accompanied by traditional instruments. The act was beautiful rolled out on stage with beautiful sounds from the drums which accompanied the performance. Their performance climaxed the night with as the audience gave them a loud and long applause in appreciation.

There will be several stage plays today at the national theater to pass by and enjoy the beauty of arts as it is celebrated in grand style.


Monica Otumfuor