MEN, Would you change your name to your wife’s last name?

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Men taking up wives’ surnames


The new phenomenon is happening in United Kingdom in an alarming rate where a newspaper had to break the news in the mainstream media. A lot of British men have taken to change their wives’ last names for various reasons after marriage. The possible reason is where men with last names like “Dick, Drinkwater, Waterbottom” etc, whiles others adopted the last names on superstitious grounds.

“The option of a husband taking his wife’s maiden name is also available to couples, although rather uncommon. The process involved in this is different to that when a woman takes her husband’s name. You can simply start using your wife’s surname after your marriage but this is not sufficient if you want to formally change your name.” a quote from

Looking at the conservative cultural believe of Ghanaians, it will be interesting to acknowledge any man declare admission to changing his last name to his wife’s. It’s in fact an opportunity to know if the country has a deed poll to compensate the situation.

by Antwi Odrey