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  1. His Title – OTUMFUO.
    The title Otumfuo is the last of all titles one can think of. Otumfuo is a combination of all titles of all States and Paramount Entities in Ghana. Titles like Daasebre, Okumdɔm, Ɔdeneho, Oseadeɛyɔ, Ɔkotwaasuo, Ɔkogyesuo, Ɔsagyefoo, Agyewodin, Berimah, Ɔgyeaman, Ɔgyeahohoo, Ɔdɛɛfoo, Ɔsaberima, Baafuo, Odiatuo, Ɔweatuo, Ɔtoatuo, Ɔkumkom, Ɔgyeaboɛ, Ɔkofroboɔ, Oyeeman, Ɔtoboɔ, Ansurogya, Ɔkyeredom, Ɔkogyeatuo etc. have all been woven into getting the highest and the supreme title of all titles, OTUMFUO. Otumfuo in English means Emperor. An Emporer is a male monarch or ruler of an Empire, and Asante is an Empire. That makes Asantehene the ruler with the highest title of the land OTUMFUO OSEI TUTU II, the Emperor of Asante Empire.
  2. He is the LION KING.
    Looking at the picture, you will see Otumfuo’s feet on a lion. That shows that Asantehene is the lion king therefore making us the children and grandchildren of the Lion. The Lion is undoubtedly the King of the forest. At the presence of the lion the rest of the animals run looking for a place to hide. No matter how big the elephant is, no matter how poisonous the snake is, no matter how high the eagle can fly, their king is the lion. And if Otumfuo sit with his feet on a lion then He is the Lion King. This makes us all descendants of the Lion King. So all states connected to the Golden Stool are all Lion States. You can’t mess up with the Lion and go scot free.

  3. He Sit on the World’s GOLDEN STOOL.
    Do you know the cause of the Yaa Asantewaa War of 1901 between the Asante Empire and the British Empire? It was the Golden Stool. According to the British Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Frederic M. Hodson, the British needed the Golden Stool of the Asantes. And that sparked the war of 1901. The Golden Stool is the Highest Authority in the Asante Empire. It is the cause of Asante Unity and Power. The Golden Stool is being revered with all our might and power and it is the only one of its kind in the whole world. And if Otumfuo the Lion King is sitting on the Golden Stool then he is the Most Powerful Ruler in the land.

  4. He Rules Over the Most Powerful Nation, Asante.
    We Asantes are the most united and the most organized group of people one can ever think of. With one destiny and one aim. We are the heartbeat of culture in West Africa and the epitome of Ghana’s Tradition. The most hardworking people you can ever find. Excellence is our hallmark. We are the most hospitable group of people you can ever find on earth. No wonder Kumasi was the first cosmopolitan city in West Africa since 1700’s. And if Otumfuo is the head of this organized Asante Nation, then he is indeed a unique king. Finally,

  5. Asantehene himself is Politics.
    Some people may wonder why Otumfuo Asantehene do not involve himself in party politics but is independent no matter the government in power. The answer is, Asantehene himself is politics that we do him just like how party politicians do their party politics. Asantehene is the definition of traditional politics. He is a monarch that rules over a large group of people, the Asante Nation. He is politics himself. Otumfuo does not compromise nor is bias to any political party. He isn’t like those menial self-acclaimed Kings who have ended up sowing themselves and their states into politics, some have even turn themselves to Party serial callers, loosing their integrity and the glory of their states. Otumfuo is too big to do party politics. He stands at the middle. Even at the point when the battle for supremacy by this politicians becomes tougher, he is the one they look up to to cool down the blazing fire. ASANTEHENE IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE AND THE KING SOLOMON OF OUR TIME.

Source: The Asante Empire

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C. A. Asante is a teacher (Village Teacher) by profession who has reported on a number of elections in Ghana for Central Press Newspaper. He is known among his peers as a researcher and regular contributor in Education, Politics, etc. Follow : Instagram- @ chris_asante1...Facebook: CA Asante

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