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Breaking: Prez. Trump Stuck In White House Basement, Bunker.


Breaking: Prez. Trump Stuck In White House Basement, Bunker.

Breaking: Prez. Trump Stuck In White House Basement, Bunker.

The race for the POTUS entitlement is over as Democrats’ Joe Biden holds on unto a decisive lead and subsequent win over Republicans’ President Donald J. Trump. With over 73,000,000 popular votes and 284 Electoral College vote counts, Joe Biden has been officially elected as the successor to Trump come January 20, 2021.

Tentatively, Joe Biden’s electoral fortunes has been certified as the highest votes ever for any President-Elect in the over 200 years of America’s Democratic dispensation.

News making round suggests that outgoing President Trump is stuck at the White House’s Bunker after moving there back in June this year.

Recall that Prez. Trump had been briefly sent there by the Secret Service after the George Floyd murder incidence escalated into a nationwide (and subsequently worldwide) uproar and more barricades were mounted closer to the White House.

For now, Trump seems stuck there since the zeal for going back to the main in house has faded away after his humiliation in the just ended polls.

Yet to concede to Joe Biden, he’s throwing legal suits at Electoral Offices in states he suspects irregularities (of course without any proof of fraudulent happenings but just speculations).

Will Trump concede, head to the Supreme Court or smear America’s democracy in the mud? Posterity holds the answers to these questions!

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C. A. Asante is a teacher (Village Teacher) by profession who has reported on a number of elections in Ghana for Central Press Newspaper. He is known among his peers as a researcher and regular contributor in Education, Politics, etc. Follow : Instagram- @ chris_asante1...Facebook: CA Asante

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