Christmas shopping in Accra

DSC_0268Most Ghanaians are complaining of the economic hardships that is affecting the festive season, A visit to Accra gave me quite a surprise who were in town to shop for the festive season. The number of people in the capital was amazing as i walked through the principal shopping areas of town and the number of people who were buying and selling a few days to the dry Christmas. This only goes to say that despite the hardship and economy people will still celebrate the Christmas in grand style. Even they have to spend the little they have to make it memorable for themselves and their family.

Most people were buying different things ranging from shoes,bags, wigs, jeans, watches, cloth and many other things. the people making most sales were those selling rice.oil.chicken and vegetables. The crowd was massive that one has to walk in a queue like form and squeeze their way out in some places. This also affords the opportunities for the thieves to also steal from others, Due t this mindset most people walking in these places have a firm grip of their hand bags, purse or wallets clutching  to it like their life.


Monica Otumfuor



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