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(COVID -19): Prof. David Darko Obiri , a renowned Ghanaian pharmacologist passes on.


(COVID -19): Prof. David Darko Obiri , a renowned Ghanaian pharmacologist passes on.

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Information reaching has it that, a former dean of the University of Cape Coast School of pharmacy has passed on today.

He was recently appointed the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, UCC. He went out to the US on official duties and came back sick with respiratory symptoms similar to that of the coronavirus disease.

He was quarantined by the flight attendants and rushed to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital immediately the flight landed.

We are told emergency medical staff at KBTH were afraid to provide him the needed care because they thought it was a coronavirus disease.

The professor passed on in a short while. It’s rather unfortunate for an academician who has spent his whole life lecturing students in the medical fraternity to lose his life because his students are afraid to come close to provide him care.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization stated that the challenge now is not about the virus but the fears and rumours about the coronavirus disease.


Are we mentally and physically ready to help manage this seasonal outbreak?

Story by: SB BITIAN

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