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Gospel Artistes should be treated fairly – Selina Boateng


Gospel Artistes should be treated fairly – Selina Boateng

imagesGospel songstress Selina Boateng who won the Gospel song of the year at the 16th edition of Vodafone Music Awards (VGMA) has said that musicians especially gospel artistes must be treated fairly and be paid well for what they do since it is their profession.

According Selina, more of our event organizers book gospel artistes to perform but sometimes refuses to discuss payment them just because they do gospel.

Selina said, though we are gospel musicians, it doesn’t change the fact that we pay bills from our music. The only difference between a gospel musician and the others is that, the message we share as gospel musicians are different from what the others are promoting.

But aside the message, we need to make some ends meet from it as a profession.

She furthermore referred to the Bible and said, it is written that, man shall eat from preaching the word of God and that is why gospel musicians, who have taken music making as their only source of income need to earn income from it as well.

Selina revealed that her music career started from Kumasi, Amokrom, where she used to be backing songs for musicians like Oware Jnr, Mama Esther and more.

Selina at a point in time lost hope and nearly gave up because, according to her, these musicians she was always backing for are the ones the world is recognizing while she always acts behind the scene.

She then met a man and his wife, Stephen and Philipa, who gave her the platform and started investing in her songs in the year 2009.

Talking about unity in the gospel music industry, Selina said “there is no form of unity in the gospel industry, It is never done anywhere, even in our homes, the mother or father has a particular child they love more than the others; but for me, I think it is the word of God that brings togetherness”.

Apart from this powerful word, there are a lot of separations everywhere including the music industry.

Selina moreover said she is not a musician who will sing for an award or prize. According to her, she sings for the souls who need her kind of message and that is why she sees herself to be doing the work of God – so if there is any kind of award or package to be given to her, then it has to be a Godly one from above.

But, if I should get an award on earth, then it how the souls are appreciating what I am telling them. Selina added.

Selina congratulated No Tribe the Gospel Artiste Of The Year and confessed the group has worked very hard, hence, they deserved the award.

She finally tackled the Car that was given to No Tribe and according to her; she sees nothing wrong with it.

According to her, if someone should win a car from his/her song, then there is no point of debating about what the organizers have given him/her because to me, that person deserves it.

Selina Boateng won the 2015 Gospel Song of the Year with her Alpha And Omega album.



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