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Hell breaks loose after Confidence’s boobs show

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Hell breaks loose after Confidence’s boobs show

Hell broke loose in the Big Brother Heads house Thursday when Vimbai told Confidence in front of the Heads housemates that she should have behaved like a role model during the infamous photo shoot that saw Confidence exposing her boobs.

Pre-Task judgment jitters took hold of the Heads, who had all stated in the Chat Room that they are confident that they will win this week’s Task Wager.

Vimbai approached Confidence, in front of the other Housemates, and told her she felt the latter should play the role of ‘big sister’ in the House, because of her age.

She highlighted the nude photo-shoot in particular, which she said Confidence had taken a bit too far.

“I felt uncomfortable at times and thought you took some things a bit too far. Because of your age, you’re supposed to be a role model,” she told Confidence.

However, the 37-year-old was livid and told Vimbai in no uncertain terms, “I am nobody’s big sister in this House. Everyone here came as an individual, not to find a bigger sister. No one puts a gun to your head and said do the photo-shoot. We discussed this as a team when we did it and you didn’t say anything then.”

This led to the other Housemates jumping in, with Weza in particular being one of the most vocal.

Weza participated in the photo-shoot with Vimbai and Confidence. “It was all free will and no one was forced. Besides, I don’t see how you expect Confidence to be a role model to anyone. It’s really unfair,” Weza said, siding with the older woman. The other Housemates also had a say, including Zeus.

“I know she did not force anyone. However, I feel it was tasteful. Maybe it’s a step towards stepping away from being self-conscious,” Zeus said.

By then, Confidence was getting agitated and stood in the middle of the room, asking her teammates who participated in the photo-shoot “Did I force any of you?”

Confidence then told Vimbai to feel guilty if she wants to, but should desist from pinning a group decision on her.

Weza tried to calm frayed nerves and told the team that everything was all said and done and the Housemates would now have to look forward to the Task judgment.

Meanwhile, Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Uganda, Vina, Weza and Vimbai are the six housemates who are up for eviction this week.

Ghanaians can vote to keep Confidence in the house by voting online or through SMS. Text Confidence’s name to 1477 on all networks.

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