LIVE: KAFF Awards 2014

Below is the awarded persons with more to come.

Best Actor supporting role  – NY KOJO NKANSAH LIWIN

Best Actress supporting role – CHRISTINA

Best Actor lead role in Dagbani – AHMED ADAM SALTUNA

Best Actress Lead role in Dagbani – IMORO UNDA STRACEY

Best Actor Lead role in Frafra – ATINGA

Best Actor Lead role in Frafra – Laroba

Best actor in Hausa – Yusif

Best Actor Lead role (twi) – Akwasi Boadi Akrobetu ” He did not show up for the award”

Best Actress (twi) – NANA AMA McBROWN

Best juvenile – RAHIM BANDA

Honorary ambassador awards – BILL ASAMOAH AND VIVIAN JILL

Veteran Actor and Producer – MR K TWUMASI

Veteran Film Producer – SAMUEL NYAMEKYE

1245 5578 8354 77854

Liwin dancing

99856 415646 755446

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  1. the best ever awards night so far

  2. why is the award winners of the EWE movies where not included in the website?

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