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Nkechi Bianze Explains Why She Claims Most Rich People Prefer To Marry The Rich.


Nkechi Bianze Explains Why She Claims Most Rich People Prefer To Marry The Rich.

It is an open secret that most people look beyond character and real love before tying the knot. Whilst some look at affluence, others check academic background and bank accounts of their partners before saying “I Do”. A renowned Canada-based Nigerian feminist, Nkechi Bianze has explained why she thinks most rich people look for those on the same pedigree.

She made this known on her Facebook page. She posted;

Your sister’s rich husband is NOT responsible for all your family’s financial burdens.

Your husband is NOT a meal ticket for your family (parents and siblings). Stop expecting your husbands to become responsible for your families just because they married you.

This is the reason most rich people prefer to marry the rich.

Because once a rich person comes close to some poor people, the poor becomes entitled and think themselves shareholders in the wealths of any rich around them.

I understand people need help, but there should be a limit to your entitlement.

Because your sister married a comfortable man, you think your sister and her husband are now responsible for paying your school fees, paying your parents’s hospital bills, building house for your parents, seeing your siblings through school, etc. Your parents are responsible for all that, dear. Not your sister’s husband.

A lot of men are struggling and crying inside, they are overburdened, not necessarily by their families, but by the families of their wives. Their egos just won’t let them speak out.

This is one of the reasons many rich people run away from marrying or having any close relationships with the poor. Because the relationship end up excruciatingly parasitic, draining and tedious.

Anyway, I’ve made up my mind not to marry a man whose family is looking for a saviour. I do NOT want to be anyone’s saviour. I never save myself finish.

I honestly will NOT want my brother to marry someone from so poor a family that they will now begin to depend on him for all their financial needs. I don’t want him to die of unnecessary financial burdens he inherited by marriage.

You people should take it easy. No one is making money primarily to pay into your bank accounts.

Some compound mumus will come here and tell us “It is good to help those in need.” No one is saying it’s not good to help, I am saying STOP BEING ENTITLED, and learn to be contented and self-sustaining without putting your eyes on other people’s money.

  • Nkechi Bianze

What do you make of this?

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